About Us

TradeBin is a new crypto currency exchange focusing on security, fast trading and user experience.
All we care is our users, their experience and securing their funds with latest available tech.


TradeBin aims to be more than just a trading platform. We will bring fiat and crypto currencies closer to each other, create partnerships with reliable companies and communities in order to make crypto currencies better and easier to use.


The platform will have an open beta release during the first quarter of 2019. Last technical details are being worked out while the legal team handles the paperwork needed to establish a company and become a licensed trading system.

Our Vision

We give back to the users! Our referral system will reward users with 20% of the fees gained from their referrals. That percent can be grow up to 40% for users that will lock a certain amount of BZEdge coins. Contests and other surprises will also be available.

Our Objective

We aim to provide a reliable trading experience and one of the best services. We look forward to our partnership with BZEdge's community, fiat integration and customer satisfaction.

Get in touch

Feel free to reach us if you have any questions, at [email protected]